Best Web-sites to Buy US Phone Number to Receive SMS

If you need to register for multiple accounts you have definitely faced a problem of SMS verification. Almost each SMS online technology has a US virtual mobile number for sms receiving. Best companies have multiple US numbers.  Rarely such services do not offer American directories.

With the variety of Web-sites offering this kind of service, it is really hard to choose which one to use. There are free and paid ones. Free accommodations usually have certain issues in their work, specifically:

  • the choice of countries;
  • the quantity of phone numbers;
  • reliability;
  • safety;
  • faulty numbers;
  • response time.

The most annoying thing with free online phone number services is the next situation. You have almost registered on the desired platform and need to receive a verification code to your online SIM. However, it either takes forever for it to be delivered or, even worse, you don’t receive it at all.

The situation with the paid services is much better. Paying for a service you receive a certain guarantee of quality. Besides, you can always turn to the customer support. Most of the online number companies have round-the-clock customer support.

This article will help you to give consideration to the best Web-sites offering American phone numbers for SMS receiving.


The service under consideration has existed since 2013. It is a US SMS receiver, but not only. Besides the US, OnlineSim also offers 30 more countries to obtain phone numbers from. You can try this service for free before paying for it if you want to check its quality first.


This company’s head office is located in Perth, Australia. It was founded in 2006. ClickSend allows tracking, receiving and sending messages. The messages come fast and the coverage is global. Thus, it works quite well for the US.

Wholesale SMS

Its corporate headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. This service appeared in 2014. It offers messages, voice mail etc. Wholesale SMS positions itself as a fine service for business messaging (marketing, restaurants, retail etc.)


The company’s main office is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has existed since 2011. You can receive and deliver messages with the help of 240 direct-to-carrier connections. You can use Verify API, E-mail-to-SMS, flow builder, inbox and campaign builder services.


It’s central office is located in California, the United States. This accommodation has been around since 2000. Clickatel allows automating interaction with customers, SMS enabling of the main business apps, marketing campaigns, real-time management with messaging etc.