5 Things You Should Know About CSS Specificity

CSS Specificity is sort of formula, which helps the browsers to decide which CSS property value will take precedence and will be applied to the elements. Specificity is often the culprit why you bang your head on the wall when you think that CSS properties value should apply to an element, but they not. The reason is that somewhere you dishonored CSS Specificity. Continue reading

New Web Design and Development Resources


Hello there folks! This month’s freebies are supercharged with amazing web resources such as a set of T-Shirt mockup templates, the second version of the cute cartoon characters generator, an artistic collection of mobile UI screens, a professional looking invoice print template,some amazing PSD templates of websites for inspiration, frameworks for CLI, mobile development, and more. Continue reading

The Vital Guide to HTML5 Interviewing


HTML is over 20 years old. Over these 20 years, HTML was upgraded 4 times, leaving us with current HTML version 5. The upgrade path was not an easy one: W3C, official maintainer of the HTML specification, was slow in bringing new features to the specification, so web browser developers took things into their hands. This only resulted with more problems, especially for developers that were struggling to create web pages. It caused many cross-browser compatibility issues and wasted development hours. Continue reading