Best Interactive Websites of 2016


2015 was quite a busy year with some original trends and inventive solutions. While we all contemplated the appearance of more and more flat user interfaces that were made with Material Design principles in mind, interactive projects started to conquer the Web. Although they are moving at a snail’s pace, their presence has finally become more decisive, strong and known. Of course, it is a costly luxury that not every company can undertake. Continue reading

Awesome Typography That Takes Titles to the Next Level


Modern techniques allow obtaining amazing results: offer visitors outstanding experience, engage them in an interactive environment, impress with stunning vivid illustrations, and so on. Nevertheless, despite such a lavish diversity and tremendous potential the common constituent of any UI, aka typography, is still a fully-fledged player in this arena that has passion, ardor, and courage in the genes. Continue reading

The Floating Action Button – An Upcoming Popular Design Trend


The floating action button is a lightweight, elegant, dynamic, fast and efficient assistant that aims to support the primary navigation and enhance user experience. Being just a small circular element that moves along with the user, independently soars above everything and as a rule, adheres to the right side, it is able to extend the functionality of each screen as well as make a program handier. Continue reading

I Hate Building Static Websites. But These Tools Changed My Life.

Slowly but surely the gaps between regular users and designers and web developers are bridging. The HTML5 frameworks, CMS, and numerous online/offline generators push the web forward, making it a place where everyone can have a website for their needs. Along with tools that let you create pages on the top of the pre installed platforms, there are instruments that offer you a simple way of building pages that can be hosted by any provider. Continue reading

Sweet Deals: Case Study of Successful Coupon Sites


While for some people the frenzied time comes in Christmas, February and July when the big stores step into a season of massive sales, there are others who know how to force this period to last all the year round. Not only does it concern clothes, shoes or accessories but also all other kinds of stuff including services, entertainment, body and soul treatments and others. You ask me what is their secret? I reply to you: coupon sites are their weapons. Continue reading

Indulge in Nostalgia: 10 Website Designs Inspire by the 90s


Usually, when we speak about websites with an old-time feeling, we think about designs with retro, vintage, Art Deco and even a disco atmosphere. The last decade of the twentieth century (aka the 90s) always remains overlooked, though it has already taken a place in our history. It is overfilled with unique and distinctive features such as neon coloring, juicy palettes, grunge vibes, techno flavor, huge graphics, vibrant patterns, radical gradients, unstable layouts, right-aligned pages, Helvetica, Frutiger and much more. It is an important and significant milestone in website design evolution. Continue reading

Up To The Next Level: 3D Scenes in Website Design


With feature-rich programs such as Cinema 4D and 3DS Max, the emergence of websites populated with 3D renderings was just a matter of time. Along with clean, minimal flat style designs, lavish illustrations, and dynamic abstract backgrounds, technology has become an excellent instrument for bringing to life innovative ideas and delivering unique and enjoyable user experience that comply with modern trends. It has found its proper place in promo websites dedicated to movies, animated cartoons or upcoming games. Continue reading