Illustration and Animation: Best Practice in Web Design


Illustration and animation – nowadays it is a common and wide-spread combination. While five years ago websites with hand-drawn surroundings and doodles looked exclusive and offbeat, currently that won’t make much impression. In the era of cutting-edge HTML5-powered techniques, WebGL experiments and fully interactive experiences, static cartoon-inspired interfaces are no longer considered to be a jaw-dropping solution. Although they still have charm, they need a boost to stand this intense competition. Continue reading

The Powerful Energy of Websites with Night Landscapes


As we mentioned in our previous article that was dedicated to dynamic abstract front pages, static images are still the most popular choice when it comes to backdrops. With numerous photo stocks that are available at the fingertips, and a bunch of images on the wild that are available under CC license, it is the most painless and quick way to provide your project with a proper visual foundation. It helps to convey the message, strengthens the idea of a project and improves the general atmosphere. Continue reading

Collection of Fresh Freebies for Designers and Developers


We are ready to close the autumn season that was full of enjoyable surprises and helpful resources.The last month has bestowed us with some valuable generators, solid frameworks and, of course, a ton of carefully designed UI components and templates that are inspired by material design and flat style. They follow modern requirements and work well with responsive and mobile friendly projects. So let’s take a look at this Fresh Freebies. Continue reading

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies


The web is slowly but surely becoming a more dynamic place. Animations, subtle motion and various pleasant, tiny effects rule the roost this year. Along with them, iOs9 in tandem with iPhone6S and Plus as well as Material Design remain uppermost in creatives’ minds. So do not be surprised when you stumble upon motion engine tools, iOS9 GUI kits or splendid website templates with bright coloring and excellent formatting in our October edition. Continue reading

10 Websites That Replace Mouse Cursors for a Better Cause


More and more digital agencies create websites with the focus on touch-screen devices. However, there are still marvelous and top-notch concepts that work at full capacity only on desktops. Today’s article dedicated to such sort of projects. To be more precise, we are going to pay attention to the solution that is unlikely ever to be adapted to mobile and tablet gadgets – custom mouse cursors. Continue reading

The Fresh Trend of Dynamic Abstract Homepages


When it comes to prettifying a background, the image is the first thing that comes to mind. We try to choose a picture that best meets the theme and sets a sound basis for creating the rest of the design. It is a reliable solution that has been tested by time. For a long time, we were left with no other choice than images or static patterns. However, the advancement of technology has brought new possibilities. Continue reading

Less Click, More Touch – Extra Functionality of Long Websites


It seems that the minimalist approach cannot be applied to navigation patterns, since this integral part should always be all-embracing and universal. However, as practice shows, it is possible to hide it from prying eyes under the hamburger button, get rid of the scrollbar or any standard type of pagination, and leave users with nothing more than just tiny visual cues that show the direction. Continue reading