Collection of Fresh Design Freebies


Each day the Web becomes a better place not only in terms of design and UX but also in terms of online services. Eager and selfless developers and designers come up with helpful instruments, modern UI sets, stylish icon packs and responsive website themes and give them all away, throwing a lifeline to the seekers and newbies. You can find answers to almost all of your questions. And every month we pick up the most valuable and helpful resources. So let’s open our autumn series. Continue reading

Emotions in Website Design – Fresh Examples


In the artificial world of digital photos, illustrated characters, boxy layouts and cutting-edge geometric effects, a bit of emotion has never been excessive and uncalled-for. We appreciate open and smiling human faces, sanguine children, cheerful old ladies and even funny dogs and cats. Each one has its level of personality and a gamut of emotions that as a rule greatly benefit the project, enriching the general feeling and lightening up the air. Continue reading

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies


We continue collecting stuff that is helpful and valuable for web developers and designers. Generators, online services and freebies that are aimed to streamline the process, save precious time and money and enrich the project with some extra twists and effects. As usual, we feature interesting and modern solutions and free packages of components and graphics. Today’s list is rich in sketch files and online tools for prettifying websites. Continue reading

Handling White Space in Website Design


When it comes to user experience we always try to incorporate into a project such tiny yet showy details as custom preloaders, informative splash screens, pop-up windows or opening animations with brand identity, so to speak paying attention to the smallest things as well as following trends that can add the wow factor. Nevertheless, in general, we forget about one simple yet fundamental factor that makes the whole difference: white space. Although it seems that it is as old as the hills and does not bear anything interesting and distinctive, that is not completely true. Continue reading

Color vs Contrast: Which One Brings More Conversions


The majority of us are familiar with color psychology; there are hundreds of articles, case studies and even infographics on the wild that open this issue from different angles. Color affects us, influences our choice and impacts our decision-making process – there is no point of arguing with that. However, you should not blindly follow its principles since there is always one catch. Today we are going to examine the role of contrast in creating striking and attention-grabbing CTAs. Continue reading

Best Web Animations


Recently we have been discussing the use of web animations in modern website UIs, having covered such popular choices as storytelling animations, subtle motion, typography animations, data animations and others. It is hard to argue that the Web slowly but surely is becoming more vivid, impressive and expressive place that relies on visual impact. Continue reading