Top 10 UX and UI Tools on the Market

ui&ux tools

You can always work from a low-fidelity paper sketch as your prototype, but that approach will take you only so far. The same is the case with the many prototype tools on the market that lack the necessary features to enable a prototype to emulate the real thing; not to mention having an ability to collaborate with team members or conduct meaningful usability tests. Continue reading

20 High-Quality Free Illustrator Brush Sets

Brush sets come in a great variety of shapes and textures that will make your designs attain a more natural and unique look. Any web designer should have a brush collection to help them with their designs, as they offer a great alternative to plain text, which can get quite boring and can easily be overlooked, failing to communicate the desired message to the viewer. Continue reading

2016 Web Design Trends


The world of web design is constantly evolving, with new trends coming and going all the time. As people rely on technology more and more, and use websites for shopping online and for advertisement purposes, it’s imperative that they work properly and that they have an attractive interface. The year 2016 promises some really cool web design trends for beautiful, user-friendly, highly responsive websites that aim to optimize user experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers, to smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

40 Creative & Funny 404 Pages

Let’s face it, nobody likes the dreaded 404 page. It’s annoying and overall a waste of precious time, not to mention that it leaves you confused while you wonder whether it was your own typo or the page has been moved. Nobody likes broken links, but this can and should most definitely be changed! Lately we’ve seen an increase in creative and humorous 404 pages that are sure to make you smile. Continue reading