14 Ideas to Make Your Websites Stand Out

Picture this: You’re going to a big event, every person who can change your life would be there, and a lot is riding on how you present yourself. After all it’s about first impressions. So you pick out a sleek outfit, complement it with great formal shoes, dab on some perfume, wear a classy watch and feel like a million bucks. Continue reading

40 Poster Design Projects With Unique Concepts


Posters are an essential part of advertising an upcoming event; Whether it’s an upcoming film, an album debut, or an inauguration party, you will need a beautiful poster to attract people’s attention. A great poster must make a good impression and must have a strong impact on the viewer. If you’re working on designing a unique poster, we’re sending some inspiration your way! Continue reading

50 Motivating Artist Quotes That Will Ignite Your Inspiration

Even the most talented run out of creative juice every now and then. There are days when we are overflowing with ideas and beaming with imagination and energy, and then there are those days when we ask ourselves why we even bothered to get out of bed. For the latter, we need to consult an external source of inspiration in order to recharge our creative batteries. Gaining insight on what fellow artists and thinkers have experienced and learned throughout their lives can be a refreshing way to start getting motivated and generating new ideas. Continue reading

50 Website Header Designs That Showcase Creativity and Wit


The first and foremost thing that will stand out about your website is its header. A well designed header will immediately attract the viewer’s attention, which should be the main goal. Once you catch someone’s attention, you also capture their interest and curiosity, and they are much more likely to spend more time on your website and return again in the future. Without a proper header, it will be more tricky to accomplish this, so you should make designing a witty header one of your main priorities. Continue reading