How to Design Your Content for More Social Shares

Anyone who has ever created content has a common goal in the back of their mind: Make this one go viral. Even if it ends up like 99 percent of the content produced every day, and doesn’t spread far and wide, you still want users to share it and spread the word. After all, the more your content is shared, the more traffic your site sees — and more traffic often means more conversions. Continue reading

Fresh Design Freebies


Although we have already said goodbye to 2015, we still have some left over ‘freshly-baked’ presents for our readers. There is another dose of brand-new freebies, free instruments, and plugins. Dive into our collection and find solutions for quickly improving images regarding responsiveness, generating safe yet flexible foundations, adding fun with the help of animations and much more. Continue reading

Websites That Will Lift Your Christmas Spirits


Christmas is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, and other religions have celebrations around this time too. No matter what your religion or belief, whether you are celebrating or simply having another weekend, there are some wonderful sites around the internet that can bring a smile to your face… either because they are interactive and engrossing, or because they are examples of good design. Continue reading

Optimizer – Create a WordPress website within Minutes


Since the release of Optimizer, Layer Themes has been working hard to take it to the next level. The latest version of the theme aims to make the website building process more simpler. Using the Presets module you can design a full functioning website within a matter of minutes. Plus there are lots of features that set this theme apart from the rest of the themes. Let’s see some of the core features of Optimizer Continue reading

Why Web Design Matters to Your Target Audience


In the modern age, innovations in technology are happening at a rapid pace around the world, especially in the online marketing industry. Whether you are already operating your online business or are currently in the process of designing a website for your target audience, you’ve likely run into terms like UX (User Experience Design) and UI (User Interface Design) more than once or twice. Continue reading