Font Combiner can Customise TTF/OTF fonts for the Web


Font Combiner is a free web tool used to customize, reuporpose, and publish fonts to get them ready for use on the web.

Users have access to 100+ different free web fonts that are ready for customization. All you have to do is set your own parameters and publish the font files. Each creation will export all the necessary items for including within a CSS file.

Here’s a brief snippet from the Font Combiner website :

All fonts offered as sources are free and open license. Simply apply as many or as few glyphs as you require and generate a brand new custom font.

A versatile web font creator and font improvement tool exposing advanced font features to the end user – kerning, subsetting, various hinting options and custom font glyph combinations.

Free to use, with an ethical subscription service for advanced users allowing the upload of any TTF or OTF font for use with the same system (license permitting).

This can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to craft their own webfonts without any worry of licencing issues.


To learn more & try it out just visit the app homepage or follow the latest updates on Twitter @FontCombiner.

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