1000+ Free Icons That You Must Have


Icons are a necessity when building a website or an app. They’re used practically everywhere and for different reasons. Some designers use them for aesthetical reasons, while others use them for more practical ones. The hamburger menu icon, for example, is up to a certain point used for practical reasons, thanks to its familiarity.

There are other icons, though, that are used to beautify a website. Most websites with minimalist design make a good use of icons, by enriching the layout without cluttering it.

Icons are a small and efficient way to add a certain vibe to a website and they come in various shapes, sizes and styles. For example, there are some that are small illustrations with beautiful details that can bring color to your design.

If you are a web or UI designer, chances are that you’ll be needing some icons to use in your projects. What if they would be free to use, would that make it better? Of course it would.

In this article you will see 30 free icons sets to download and use in your designs.

Creative Fields Icon Set

60 Vicons – Free Icon Set


2px lines 48x48px Icons


Fblu free icons


72 icons set


Free line icon pack


70 Simple Icons


Puppets icon set


Gamification icons


Random Stuff Iconset Vol 2


50 Flat Icons




Pamoke: Free Icon Set


Kameleon icons


77 Essential Icons


200 nanoline icon set


Thin Line UI Icons 170


30 line icons


Flatilicious free icons


The Nice and Serious UI Icon Set


Wireframe Icon Set


St Valentine’s Day icon set


Free Icon Set


30 Free Icons from Shakuro


Tourism icon pack (free)


100 free icons / kitchen


40 Free Icons (Psd, Ai)


Kvasir: 180+ Free Icons


Christmas Flatilicious Icons


Banking icon set (+free PSD)

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