LayoutIt! Interface Builder for Bootstrap


The open source Bootstrap framework has grown precipitously over just a few years. This framework allows developers to craft websites built on a codebase that pre-styles elements, grids, and typography.

But for those who don’t want to rewrite all there code, LayoutIt! offers a solution. It’s a free webapp made with a drag-and-drop interface for building Bootstrap websites.

All code is generated on the backend so you don’t have to worry about HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript. Granted you can manually edit the code yourself – but the idea of LayoutIt! is to save people the trouble of manual coding.

It should be noted that LayoutIt! is not a website builder. This isn’t a complete DIY solution for launching a site online.

Instead it’s meant to be an application for quickly scaling new Bootstrap projects from the ground-up. You can start from basic templates or craft your own. LayoutIt just gives you the foundational code to get started – where you take that is up to you.

To learn more check out the demo video on YouTube, or follow LayoutIt! on Twitter @Layoutit.

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