Moon, aka Olivier Menanteau, and His 365 Day Challenge


A few months ago I heard about inktober. A challenge to create an illustration, every day, during October. The challenge was originally created by Jake Parker, as a means to improve his illustration abilities. When I first heard of it, I thought to myself, maybe I can do it too, but I didn’t get around to it in the end. When I recently heard about Moon, aka Olivier Menanteau, and his unbelievable 365 Day Challenge, I was blown away!

Moon took upon himself a HUGE challenge. Forcing yourself to draw something, every day, for consecutive 365 days, is not a simple task. Fortunately, over time the ‘task’ became a source of pleasure for him. On January 1st the challenge began. His purpose was to improve his illustration techniques. The format he selected was 15x15cm board. The techniques will vary between graphite, ink, watercolor, and colored pencils.

Moon created a dedicated crowd funding page, so that people can support him and help his project come to life. He needed an obligation to complete it, after all, people would invest in his dream. The plan was to create a book with all the 365 illustrations in it, once the project is done. Each illustrated frame had a single story in it, and no connecting link to any of the other frames. To showcase his progress, Moon posted a daily progress to his 365 day challenge, in various social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. He even used a special hashtag, so that people can easily find it, #365SQUARES.

Have a look at some of his illustrations below. If you dig his style, you can support his crowd funding project, that is close to an end. You can also head over to his society6 Moon page, and support him in that way.

98 shaman 365 Day Challenge

128 pointted dress

262 snail 365 Day Challenge

28 resting bird

38 skull talisman

40 village

43 fishing

44 three witches


55 red hair


74 fairy skull


103 elegant


123 strapped

124 dream catcher

128 pink dress

138 yellow dress

144 classy pipe

144 yo

145 turtle


148 stick

166 sitting down

171 dot dress

178 tied with rope

179 blue bird 365 Day Challenge

180 yellow woman

191 river

193 samurai

195 queen bee

197 blue cloud

198 sloating


214 colorful

218 black face


230 sitting on the sidewalk

232 hanging hair

233 islands

241 friends

248 hat



265 sleeping blue hair

279 ride

288 holding bowl

292 resting

297 magician

301 meduza

307 smoke

308 mask

309 mom and children



314 fashion



336 ball

338 skull house

340 skull basket

341 space face



1 woman

6 blue dress


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