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How’s it going fellows! Feel free to have a scroll along this month’s round-up full of high-quality design and developing treasures like mockups and templates for boosting your branding image, PSD web templates, cool and spooky Halloween stuff, invaluable developing collections, turbo plugins and libraries to speed up your coding and styling, new web concepts, amazing icons and avatars, fancy fonts, and as usual, meaty and yummy articles. Go ahead and serve yourself!

Branding Folder & Letter PSD Mockup

A mockup pack that comes in 4 separate PSD files featuring folder and letter scenarios. Each of these mockup scenarios has a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels.

Branding Folder & Letter Mockup

3D Stone PSD Text Effect

A Photoshop text effect gives a carved rock-like look in 3D with realistic shadows, lights, and texture. You can also generate a background texture by playing with the smart layers.

3D Stone Text Effect

Core: Flat iOS Photoshop & Sketch UI Kit

A customizable UI Kit for iOS that features 12 free high-quality and fully layered screens for the 9 most popular categories. It includes Artboards to work with the Adobe PS CC 2015.

Core UI Kit

Fancy and Neat Folder Template

A fancy and neat looking folder for business or personal purposes that gives your documents a professional look template ready to be printed and available in Ai, InDesign and PSD formats.

Folder Template

20 Brochure Printing Templates

A pack of 20 brochure print templates available in a wide range of styles and schemes that come in Ai, InDesign, and PSD formats.

Brochure Printing Templates

Halloween Vector Multipack

A multipack of 450 vector items for Halloween that consists of several smaller packs, icons and avatars in flat and kawaii style, a generator of cute cartoon scary characters and a spooky scenario generator with several textures and element categories.

Halloween Vector Pack

ESLint: A Pluggable JavaScript Linter

ESLint is an open source JavaScript and JSX linter which goal is to provide a pluggable linting utility.


Cycle.js: Reactive Human-Computer Interaction JavaScript Framework

Cycle.js is a JavaScript framework which core function is a reactive human-computer interaction modelled as functions human() and computer(). They output what each other take as input, leading x = human(computer(x)), where x is an Observable.


Fluxible: A Pluggable Container for Isomorphic Flux Applications

Fluxible is a pluggable container for isomorphic Flux applications which features singleton free server rendering, stateless asynchronous actions, react integration, and more.


Workbench: Front-end Boilerplate

Workbench is a front-end boilerplate that allows you to develop faster. It includes responsive typography, some basic styling, and a paragraph system.


Skyweb: Unofficial Skype Node.js API Via Skype (HTTP) Protocol

Skyweb is an unofficial, open source Node.js API for Skype that works through its HTTP protocol. It allows you to retrieve information from your Skype account, manage messages, and more.


Transparency: Minimal JQuery Templating Engine

Transparency is a minimal jQuery templating engine that It maps JSON objects to DOM elements effortlessly. It features semantic data binding, collection rendering, and more.


SCSS Compiler in PHP

SCSS is a CSS preprocessor written in PHP language that allows you to add features such as variables, mixins, imports, and more. The compiler comes in a single class file ready-to-use in a command line tool for running the compiler from the terminal.

SCSS Compiler in PHP

Inkallicons: 150 Free Ink-line Icons

Inkallicons is a set of 150 free icons in Ai and SVG format that feature a nice line style traced with ink texture, including several miscellaneous topics available in several PNG sizes.


Kitchen-related Outline Vector Icons Set

A set of 19 outline vector icons representing kitchen items featuring different line widths. This set comes available in both PDF and Ai.

Kitchen Related Outline Icons

Material Design Avatars Set

A set of flat material design style avatars with big features that come in both Vector PSD and PNG formats. They all are easily customizable and perfectly suited for material design style projects.

Material Design Avatars

Full Basket: The Community for ECommerce Store Owners

Full Basket is an online community news site tailored especially for eCommerce Store Owners which features news ranking, comments, sorting options and subscription.

Full Basket

We Love SVG: The Google Fonts for Icons

We Love SVG is an online collection of the most relevant icons across the web in SVG format. You’ll find collections such as Flat Color, Win 10, Material, FontAwesome, and more.

We Love SVG

Zeal: Offline Documentation Browser

Zeal is an offline documentation browser that was inspired by Dash and allows you to search documentation through shortcuts in multiple sets of documents at once.


Otto: Web Development & Deployment Tool

Otto is a web development tool that allows you to handle all the aspects of development and deployment to any cloud platform in order to maximize productivity, follow best practices, and automate operations.


Styleguide: Frontify Brand & Design Style Guide Creator

Styleguide is a creator for web-based style guides that allows you to start from scratch or use our style guide templates for free.

Styleguide Frontify Brand Design Style Guide Creator

Curated List of 36 CSS Frameworks

A curated list that consists of 36 CSS frameworks for web development that will help you out in choosing the perfect foundation for your projects.

CSS Frameworks

ThemeFinder: Bootstrap Themes Collections

ThemeFinder is an online collection of Bootstrap templates and themes from across the Internet that features a left sidebar menu to navigate through the collections.


Stylizer: CSS Interactive Styling Desktop Application

Stylizer is a desktop software available for Mac and Windows that was developed for intuitively editing stylesheets previewing all the changes in real-time, as well as allowing you to interact directly with the layout.


SketchNews: User Submitted Sketch App News

SketchNews is a community news website to which Sketch App users can upload news, projects, ideas and more, all these being sortable by categories and crowd-ranked.


CSS Responsive Fonts Concept

A CSS technique that allows you to keep the ratio of and paragraph proportions of your text’s font to the screen size you are working on, which makes responsiveness great for texts.

CSS Responsive Fonts Concept

CSS-developed Sample Resume Template

A clean resume sample developed in pure CSS that can be used as a template for a virtual resume featuring the basic features of a resume.

CSS Developed Sample Resume Template

Material Design Button Test

A CSS & jQuery animated button designed and developed for material design projects that gradually and quickly deploys a modal onto your screen featuring a cool slide and pop-up effect.

Material Design Button Test

Relancer: An ArtDeco-inspired Display Typeface

Relancer is a typeface inspired in and suitable for ArtDeco style projects. This typeface’s uppercase characters follow a single grid formed our of regular circles and squares.


Stilu: Multi-featured Sans Serif Typeface

Stilu is a Sans Serif typeface that features both oblique and normal style for its four different weights, Light, Regular, SemiBold and Bold OpenType. It also has ligatures, proportional and tabular lining figures, and more.


Tiny Highly Detailed Urban Illustrations

A portfolio of urban-inspired and hand-drawn line illustrations by Taylor Mazer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan representing, rather than big famous monuments, just the common corners of America.

Tiny Highly Detailed Urban Illustrations

Webby: Multipurpose PSD Web Template

Webby is a multipurpose PSD web template that features full-width containers and background images as well as adaptive gallery grid layouts.

Webby Template

Agron: Agency Portfolio Sketch Theme

Agron is a clean and creative Sketch theme crafted to be suitable for agencies, web designers, portfolios, and confined targets. This theme includes 3 responsive versions featuring Gotham Rounded andPlayfair Display fonts.

Agron Theme

Facebook Page As Website | How to Prove Value by Having an Actual Website (Discussion)

A very interesting discussion about how having an actual page, or simply a Facebook page of Google Place site affects your business.

A Facebook Page as a Website

Front-end Developer Handbook

An article that was written by Cody Lindley and sponsored by Frontend Masters which consists of three main parts; The front-end practice, Learning front-end development, and Front-end development tools.

Front End Developer Handbook


So we’ve compiled a great list of resources etc. this month, and hope you can use them. Thanks as always to the designers and developers who bring us the results of their time, effort and skill for free.

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