Cute Foodies Characters by Peaceloving Pax


Nawaphorn Piewpun, better known as Peaceloving Pax, wears 2 hats. A doctor by day, and a bento food characters’ creator by night. Nawaphorn lives in Thailand, and it’s hard to believe, but she is creating her amazing food characters as only a hobby. She was very kind to answer a few questions for the blog readers. Read on below, and get your stomach juices ready…

Where did you get the idea to create your cute foodies characters?


“I once saw a picture of a panda family made out of rice ball with curry rice on the internet. They were just so cute, so I just had to try and make them by myself.” That’s how it all started.”

Rilakkuma gang

How do you decide which theme and characters to create?

I love cute cartoon or animation characters. I Just make a decision which character I want to make, and what ingredients I have at the moment. I’m googling for some pics of that character, for reference.

piglet and pooh

Which character do you like to create best?

“Totoro from the “My neighbor Totoro” movie is my favorite character. I love him for being something gray and chubby”

Totoro in the jungle

Are the materials you use healthy and safe to consume?


“Most of my rice ball creations are dyed with color that is of a natural source. So it is surely safe to consume in terms of health. Sometimes I use food coloring in small amounts.”

angry bird babies

What is the usual work process for creating these cute foodies? How long does it take?


“At first I decide which character I want to make >> sketch the image in my mind, and sometimes look for some more pictures on the internet >> prepare the ingredients >> create the cute foodies >> set them on the plate/lunch box. It takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of detail.”

Minion Cute Foodies characters

How can people get in touch with you? Where can they see more of your creations?

“They can find me and my cute foodies on these social networks: Facebook: Cute Foodies, Instagram: @peaceloving_pax, YouTube: Peaceloving Pax

Nawaphorn cute foodies characters are simply amazing. Make sure you check her social channels for a lot more of her creatures. Check out some more of her creations below.

pig Cute Foodies

Totoro and friend Totoro

X-mas wreath wholewheat pasta

Baby Chopper

Bento box





chubby Pusheen


happy monkey year



little prince

mom and girl

Penguin bento






Shiba breed dog

Sirotan seal in a penguin costume



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