Huge Graffiti Wall Murals – The Unique Art of ETAM Crew


Creating something different and interesting. Creating new worlds that are unlike the familiar surrounding the murals are located in. This seems to be the motto of ETAM crew. The duo that form the team are better known as Bezt and Sainer. Their huge graffiti wall murals have long broken the barrier of their homeland Poland, and are now decorate the exterior walls of many European cities.

The two hooked up together in art school, and been working and creating graffiti together ever since. Not living together in near proximity, seems to work just fine for these two amazing artists. They get to hang out together whenever they are on a trip to create one of their murals. They usually don’t plan ahead the subject of their mural in advance. They like to “feel” the wall on location, and only then discuss and see what subject fits the wall. “Free styling” is a more correct phrase to use for their way of working. The end result will most likely be something completely different than the surrounding, as they believe people want to see something surprising and new.

Check out some of their amazing wall murals and graffiti works below. If you want to see some more of their work, head over the ETAM cru website or their Facebook page. Check out the video in the end to hear some more words from them. You can get some of their prints online.

-primavera-jpg- graffiti Wall Murals





















-moonshine-jpg-Wall Murals









ETAM CRU IN BARCELONA from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

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