Web Design Inspiration: Merry Quizmas


The idea of Daniel Blaser and coded by Tad T horley, Merry Quizmas is a delightful website made to be much more than fun design, it is also the ultimate challenge! The website is designed as a quiz game that test you on multiple holiday, pop-culture references.

When you land on the page the quiz begins, you are shown 60 different character illustration in a pleasant flat design. They are are very well done, we commend illustrator James Kenison on his illustration skills. Each of the characters is taken from different holiday entertainment references. You then have to identify the character by name or source material. After you are provided a score according to how well you did. The scores range from 0-10: Holiday Chump, lowest or 60: Grand Tinsel-Covered Viceroy of the Holidays, the highest possible score. Get inspired and get in the holiday spirit by testing your holiday knowledge on Merry Quizmas .

Merry Quizmas 1