Popmotion, Javascript Motion Engine for Animated UI


We seen an up-and-coming trend in design that will definitely bleed into 2016 for animation incorporated into UI. With the opposite trend of static websites emerging as well, some would argue otherwise. However, with the development of CSS3 and JavaScript, we see more and more developers embracing interactive animation in their programming.

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A Look at Google’s Art Projects


From project to understand space and motion to allow mobile devices to “see how we see” , to their self-driving cars , Google is always invested in creating something amazing. Which is why we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the tech overachiever’s investment in the arts. Every once in awhile Google likes to shine the spotlight on the work of other great works, and it has been ambitiously achieving this through its Art Project Archives. Continue reading

The Best Guide for Designing With Gestures


As we shift more towards designing for mobile, based on search demand . It is safe to say designers are also shifting towards designing with gestures. It get tricky though, when designing for mobiles it hard to retain best practices for gestures in mind like the “thumb zone” . At this stage we are designing for more than the eyes, but also the hands. Continue reading