UI Tiles, A Quick and Easy Kit to Layout Websites


If you are passionate about the layout process when it comes to web design than this wireframe resource is definitely for you. Layout your idea rapidly and with ease using UI Tiles.

The variety of wireframes helps you save time mapping out site designs and can even help develop a vast amount different layout concepts in record time. In addition to wireframes, the kit also contains visual flowcharts. Useful for validating a design concept by getting a better idea of visual flow for a complex website concept.


The kit comes complete with 72 different models which can be downloaded in all the popular formats that can be directly imported to Sketch, Photoshop, or Illustrator. This makes the models easy to scale and customize. Best of all, it is royalty free for both commercial and personal use!

Download UI Tiles and other useful product for web design by PixelBuddah .

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