A Look at Google’s Art Projects


From project to understand space and motion to allow mobile devices to “see how we see” , to their self-driving cars , Google is always invested in creating something amazing. Which is why we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the tech overachiever’s investment in the arts. Every once in awhile Google likes to shine the spotlight on the work of other great works, and it has been ambitiously achieving this through its Art Project Archives.



Their starting with the latest Chrome OS app Google Wallpaper Art intended to give you an inspiration of artwork on any device’s wallpaper. The wallpaper app takes different works of art from the Google Cultural Institute , an additional project ambitiously digitizing the world’s collections of fine art, historical events and world wonders. The galleries are featured in a beautiful display with a variety of layouts to choose from for each project. The minimal, black and white, design of the page is similar to that of the clean white walls of a contemporary museum.

Google-CI4 Google-CI5

The site encourages visitors to interact by creating and sharing their own galleries. The Google Cultural Institute is a useful alternative to those of us who enjoy visit museums but don’t get the chance to travel around the world to view the galleries for ourselves.

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