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We’re back! This time, we have for you this amazing collection of resources that will blow your mind! Have a scroll along a sea of quite unique freebies, icons, UI kits, and mockups plus knock out developing tools and frameworks, fonts, and as always, articles and tutorials filled with knowledge and inspiration. Go ahead and have fun!

Photolicious: A Set of 15 Photoshop Image Filters

A set of 15 Photoshop filter actions that come in an ATN file created by Cristian Ciupageanu. These actions can be applied to landscapes, nature business, food and more sort of pictures compatible for CS3.


Material Style Banners

A set of 5 material design banners that feature a resolution of 1140×600 pixels all of them are suitable for headers or sections in your designs.

Material Style Banners

Line Devices Mockups Set

A huge set of devices mockups in line style that comes in PSD format and that features smart objects for 75 elements in total. You’ll find several perspectives of 20 different devices such as iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy, iPad, iMac, iWatch, MacBook, Lumia and many among others.

Line Devices Mockups Set

Cross-Device Photo-realistic Mockup

A photorealistic mockup of four different devices that vary in screen size in a single scene. The devices you’ll find are an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone.

Cross-Device Photo-realistic Mockup

Beach-Themed Brochure Template

A PSD template for a tri-fold brochure that has a really nice beach landscape background featuring your company or product text and images.

Beach-Themed Brochure Template

Set of More Than 180 Free Flat Icons

A set of over 180 flat icons that features a very nice look that come in PNG and PSD format. This set was crafted and released by Liam Thynne under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Free FlatIcons

Uniicons: A Pack of 200 Outline Thin & Thick Icons

Uniicons is a pack of 200 outline icons that feature a resolution of 64 pixels. These icons feature two weights or line thickness, 100 icons have 4px-thick outline and the other 100 have a 2px-thick outline.


Huge Flat Food Icons Set

A set of almost 7k icons regarding all categories of food nicely crafted in a flat style. These icons come in AI format and png samples in several sizes ranging 24 to 512 pixels.

Huge Flat FoodIcons

Blog & Magazine Multipage Website Template

Solaryadragon is a PSD web template that features a full-width header and a floating top navigation bar, and its content section consists of a right-side bar with about information, and a main latest blogs section all of it in clean design.

Blog Magazine Template

Retro Car: A Vintage PSD & Sketch Web Template

A single page web template in that is mainly focused in retro cars featuring a nice pastel vintage color scheme. This template comes in both PSD and Sketch formats.

Retro Car Template

Brooklyn Clean & Minimal Sketch Web Template

Brooklyn is one-page web template crafted in Sketch that features a minimal and clean style and is quite suitable for freelancers and agencies WordPress sites.

Brooklyn Template

GridLayout: Cross-platform Horizontal & Vertical Grid Layout

GridLayout is a plugin that was developed aiming to manage advanced horizontal and vertical layouts across platforms by providing support for subsequent versions of IE 8, iOS5, Android 3, as well as for Opera Mini, iOS4 and Android 2.3, except these last ones lack scroll view support.


Amalia.js: Metadata Enriched HTML5 Video Player

Amalia.js is an HTML5 video player that allows you to fetch valuable metadata from the video such as movement analysis of filtered colors, set events flagging, caption printing, and more useful features.


NippleJS: A Touch Capable Screen Virtual Joystick

NippleJS is a virtual Joystick for touch-capable user interfaces that allows you fetching data in real-time of the interaction you do with it.


Wallop: CSS Animation Capable Slider

Wallop is a slider that is capable of featuring animated CSS elements as well as HTML elements with previous & next buttons. It features mobile friendliness, custom events, API availability, and more.


Marko: A Templating Engine & UI Component Layer

Marko is an HTML-based templating engine that allows you to compiles templates to Node.js-compatible JavaScript modules, supporting streaming, async rendering and custom tags.


Fly: A Modern NodeJS Build System

Fly is a modern build system for NodeJS that was created based in sub-routines, generators and promises. It also has concurrent tasks, robust error handling, cascading and more tasks included in an API.


React CSS Modules: Class Names to CSS Seamless Mapping

React CSS Modules is a tool for that allows you to map seamlessly class names to CSS modules inside of React components. Its semantics prevent classes from colliding with others in the global scope by being locally scoped to the component.

React CSS Modules

Paper Kit: A Pastel UI Elements Kit

Paper Kit is a UI Elements Kit that features pastel colored progress bars, buttons, navigation bars, dropdown menus, and many other elements.

Paper Kit

Font Flame: Social Ranked Font Pairing

Font Flame is an online tool that ranks font pairs depending on people’s hate or love votes as they are displayed one after the other. This tool also contains sections for the top ranked fonts to be displayed, as well as curated ones.

Font Flame

Vectr: An Online & Desktop Vector Graphics Editor

Vectr is a useful vector graphics editor that works both online and as a desktop application with which you can generate your designs on-the-go and export them as URL or download it as PNG.


HTML Color Codes: HTML, HEX, RGB & HSL Code Generator

HTML Color Codes is a tool that provides you with color codes in HTML, HEX, RGB and HSL values of whatever color you pick in its color picker and/or color chart.

HTML Color Codes

Hover Responsive Background Accordion

A background aimed code snippet that consists of a hover-responsive accordion that smoothly but quickly deploys the feature image you hovered over as the descriptive text fades in.

Hover Accordion

A Set of CSS Open, Close & Menu Icon Transformations

A code snippet inspired in Dribbble’s CSS3 open & close switch transitions. It basically consists in the animation of CSS icons as you hover over them featuring rotation, deploying and circle filling effects.

CSS Transformations

A Fading In Menu Inspired by YouTube

An animated left- side menu inspired by the new YouTube menu that fades in as soon as you click on the menu icon and simultaneously both the icon and menu title slide open to compose the menu.

Fading In Menu

Interactive Panel Elements

A set of interactive CSS animated panel elements that slide leftwards as you click on the corner ellipsis icon to show you love and hate icons and slides back to the right as you click on the x icon.

Interactive Panel Elements

Measure: A 40-Languages Technical Typeface

Measure is quite a technical looking font that suits perfectly technologic projects like infographics and posters. It features a narrow style and squared smooth curves for over 530 glyphs and 40 languages and nice ligatures.


Moriston : An Irregular Line Width Typeface

Moriston is a typeface that comes in 6 different weights, ranging from thin to bold line. It features irregular line width and nice curves. It features uppercase, lowercase, numeral and special characters.


71 Curated Modern Fonts Bundle

A bundle of 71 modern curated fonts that feature really cool looks, styles, weights and even multi-language support. You can download most of them in a zipped file through a one-click direct download.

Modern Fonts Bundle

The Colors Of An App Icon (Article)

An article released by Stuart Hall that provides you with fully informative color wheel charts which lay out mobile application icons in each of the spectrum place of the colors they contain varying the size depending on the percentage of color it has, giving you a rough idea of trendy colors to design your own icon.

The Colors Of An App Icon

How I Increased Lonely Planet’s In-App Purchase Revenue By 30% (Study)

An article written by Thierry Meier in which he explains to detail the case of study of how he got to boost Lonely Planet’s in-app purchase revenue by 30%.

How I Increased Lonely Planet's In-App Purchase Revenue

15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro (Tutorial)

An article that contains 15 valuable tips for cropping pictures for both maintaining a professional standard and simply get nice and attractive photo sections.

15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos

Making Your Website Design Accessible (Article)

An article that provides you with valuable information about making your website accessible for people with disabilities. You’ll find lots of tips and tricks to keep in mind when accessible designing.

Making Your Website Design Accessible


We would like to thank the designers and developers who offer us these amazing resources and tools at no cost.

We are always on the look out for anything new in the field of design and development, so if you have created something, or come across something you would like to see in the next edition, please leave your link in the comments section below.

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