20 Pinterest Design Boards You Should Be Following Today


Pinterest is an incredibly great source of design inspiration! You can find anything you can think of, from web design, graphic design, creative advertisement to more complicated niches, such as interior design and architecture!

Even though Pinterest is, ostensibly, mostly known as a female-dominated social media platform, in the past few years the balance tilted to the other side as well. Besides seeing lots of recipes, beauty tricks and DIY projects, we also started to see beautiful designs, web design inspiration, packaging ideas, art and much more.

In the list below, we decided to share with you 20 Pinterest design boards you should definitely start following today! These pinterest design boards were curated by some really creative designers. This will offer you all the inspiration you need in order to create awesome typography, websites, logos and more!

Here they are! Let us know in the comment section below how many of these boards you’ve decided to follow and if you are already followed some of them. But wait…got more design boards on Pinterest that you want to share with us (shameless self-promotion is okay!) – by all means – let us know in the comment section below.

Design Quixotic

In love with typography? This board is for you! You will find thousands of awesome typography examples. This board is followed by more than 118k people!

Design-Quixotic Pinterest Design Boards

Jeremy Pruitt

With more than eight thousand pins and 47k followers, this board will offer you a huge dose of typography design inspiration, curated by an artist and designer.


Eduardo Dosua

This is another great typography board you should follow. It has over 2k pins you can browse through.


Maria Fidalgo

Get inspired by the pins curated by this Colombian architect and designer. You’ll like them for sure!


Jojoba Oil

This Web User Interface Designer and photographer has some really great boards you should definitely follow. You will find typography, web design, UI design and many other cool design boards on his profile.

Jojoba-Oil Pinterest Design Boards

Brandon Lesley

Love colors? This board is for you. This is an awesome board for all of you who are looking for some color inspiration. Join 538k followers today!


Heather Downunder

Get inspired by the color palettes, colorful designs and vibrant art in this board. Heather has over 148k followers only for this board!


Maia McDonald Smith

This board is created by a Hand-Lettering Artist, Author, and Creative Blogger. Get your needed inspriation for color combination.


Rebecca Finn

Rebecca is a graphic designer & creative soul with a love for design, art, couture & the desire to experience more out of life than what we see in the everyday. Check out her Pinterest design boards!


Kayla Lamoreaux

Color = life! Enjoy this awesome board with hand-picked pins!

Kayla-Lamoreaux Pinterest Design Boards

Sean Booth

Sean Booth is, as he describes himself, a Manchester based Conceptual Creative / Art Director / ideas person / brand specialist / Apple fanboy. He has an impressing collection of pins.



Josephine Reijman is the owner of aDONNAdesign. This board offers inspiration for graphic design of all sorts.


Lindsay Pasichnyk

Interested in graphic design and typography? This Pinterest design board is perfect for you! Join 90k+ followers today.


Graeme McCree

With a total of 31k+ followers, this pinner has some amazing and creative boards you should definitely take a look at!


From Up North

From up North is curating the creative web since 2010! They have an impressive number of followers, pins and beautiful boards.


Robert Mann

Looking for both motivational quotes and beautiful typography? This Pinterest board is for you!


Dinosaur Dances

Check out these beautiful typography and inspirational quotes and get your daily motivation and design inspiration dose, all at once!


Rin Dawson

Get inspired by this creative daydreamer’s awesome pins!


Gabrielle Cosco

Pin these beautiful color palettes today and create gorgeous designs with them!


Yatir Kaaren

Check out this board for both art and design inspiration.



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