Who Provides The Best Web Design In Singapore?


According to the official 2013 – 2014 Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) report , Three Asian countries were in the top ten of all performers; of those, Singapore is rated the second-most competitive economy in the world. Although there are many factors which contribute to Singapore’s booming financial success, thanks are due in part to it’s ability to thrive, and even dominate in the Internet Web Design market. The realm of modern Web Design is an evolutionary, technological cyclone. With such an extremely competitive market, some business owner’s will choose the “cookie cutter” approach.

They will play it safe, and things will be okay, but never great…whereas others will fall short of expectations and fade away into the archives. It’s no secret, that the internet has an insatiable hunger for fresh content; content which is precision targeted to be current, and relevant, while maintaining tangible importance to the end user. Internet servers are littered with page after page of Web design companies, each promising to deliver the best end user experience – so, how can you figure out who really gives the best Web Design in Singapore?

Where To Begin

Let’s start with the obvious. A simple Google search for; “Web Design Singapore” may provide great variety, but in this case, it only serves to validate the difficulty, and confusion you’ll face when searching for an expert web design service anywhere, let alone in the second-most competitive market on planet earth!

Be careful, remain diligent and stay focused. Research only sounds rotten and boring, but when it comes to making your ideas come to life, trust in the truth that research is always your best friend. Once you have your list, you need to create new filters, and cross reference your needs versus what the candidate is capable of. You can start lowering the number of candidates by using consumer feedback; ranking your top choices based upon the reputation, and quality review ratings of the Web Designer(s)in question.

Who Provides The Best Web Design In Singapore?
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Once the public opinion check has helped you downsize the number of potential winning Web Designer’s, it’s time to focus on the real time applications. It is important to note: Make certain that you take your time when doing research – it can be very easy to overlook the crucial, game changing data needed to be successful, so take notes and pay close attention, especially to the simple things, ranging from the validity of a secure website, all the way through to comparing finished products with similarity to your own.

Equally important, is that you make sure to double check those reviews and references you have studied, because information found on the Internet can be posted erroneously through anonymous, malicious/fraudulent, even non-human “bots”, it always helps to “check the checker”.

Do Your Due Diligence

In many of today’s markets, Social media is fast tracking the way we make business decisions, while the web design industry welcomes this kind of exposure, it is good and bad for business. Some Facebook pages are nothing more than paid commercial links, while others are valid, verifiable people/businesses. As with anything, it is the end users experience that will validate the truth. The bottom line here is: People fall short, and sometimes, people lie.

Who Provides The Best Web Design In Singapore?
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Your success depends completely upon your own determinations of the quality, ability and reputation of a candidate…it is your due diligence. Go to your favorite search engine, begin a web design query for Singapore, do variations on various point’s of concern. When you are using well thought, properly filtered terminology, you will get clear, concise, and relevant results from any good search engine.

Whilst researching, make a hand written list of your top five choices. Be sure to focus on job boards and publicly available information, this will prevent you from viewing content placed by paid providers who may or may not have your best interests in mind. Keep in mind, Just because Johnny’s Facebook says he is the best, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask around, for someone other than Johnny’s opinion.

When it comes to resources, be diligent, be sure to approach each one equally, and with optimism, but never be gullible about it. Other ideas may lead you to check your local listings, because – finding a web designer relevant to your needs, could literally be, just around the corner.

You may already know someone who has used a successful web designer that would perfectly fit your needs, so ask around. You may also consider making inquiries of your competition – who they use may actually help your chances of success.

What is a Good Web Designer?

When it comes to the best in quality Web Design, it’s no surprise that the top competitor’s appear to share four easily discoverable, and common, core value traits.

  • A Verifiable, Quality Reputation
  • Past And Current Support From Satisfied Customers
  • Evidence Of Perpetual Education And Cutting Edge Innovation
  • Passion In The Pursuit Of Technological Excellence

If a designer can not meet you point for point in your business needs, then you need to move on. Thanks to healthy competition in Singapore, you’ll have no problem finding a replacement, and remember, they may be the experts, but it is you whom must gauge them against verifiable performance.

What’s Better – Freelance Or Agency?

When your stuck in doubt between who provides better service; the deep pocket, professional agency’s, or the over worked and under funded freelancer? You should rely on your own needs, and best instinct’s, as well as the four main trait filters identified above in the “What is a good web designer?” section.

In web design, competition is fierce; results are what matter most, and good results can be created by either the casual freelancer, or the seasoned veteran agency, providing they are qualified, timely, and possess a sharp command of the four traits.

While you may choose to support either the big name agency, or the freelance market, keep in mind, each is limited by varying constraints which the other does not have. Generally speaking, the freelancer is an individual, obviously, they will require more time for everything when compared to a large, well staffed agency.

A big agency may be cutting edge, while at the same time be a cutting edge. In either case, the freelancer has unbridled freedom of creativity, where the agency has a strictly adhered to company policy, where the freelancer is cost efficient, the agency can run up some fairly exorbitant fees. It’s your business, and therefore, your money, your decision; so, who and how you decide upon, that encompasses your vision, within your budget, again, depends upon how prepared you were to make this choice to begin with.

  • Freelance is personal – but takes more time
  • The Agency is fast – but who am I to these people – are they people?
  • Big Agency = Big Bill – Freelancers save costs, simply being small
  • Many pros/cons exist for both sides so focus on your research


The choice is ultimately yours, but only a well educated determination of the available facts, as we have discussed, will give your vision the opportunity to become the successful reality you desire.

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