2016 Web Design Trend: Vertical Split Screen


Browsing around articles that predict web design trends for this new year, vertical split screens seem set to soar in popularity. This style of web design usually presents the user with two options on the direction they wish to take on the website from the landing page, but they can also show an image on one side and have the About section or a menu, or a link or links to other important areas of the site on the other side. Continue reading

Who Provides The Best Web Design In Singapore?


According to the official 2013 – 2014 Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) report , Three Asian countries were in the top ten of all performers; of those, Singapore is rated the second-most competitive economy in the world. Although there are many factors which contribute to Singapore’s booming financial success, thanks are due in part to it’s ability to thrive, and even dominate in the Internet Web Design market. Continue reading

Branding Guidelines – Great Examples and Why You Need Them


All the large companies and organisations have clear branding guidelines. You may think this is not a necessary step for your own brand, but as we will discuss in this article, there are reasons why you should have them – if you are building a brand that is likely to be featured on other sites, it is important to get your branding guidelines in place and make them as clear and precise as possible. Continue reading