Pre-Built Websites Could be the Next Big Thing – Here’s Why


The usual website design and development approaches have their pros and cons. None are perfect, but there is a new one that is teasingly close to beings so, and it is generating lots of enthusiasm.

These typical approaches are often time-consuming and costly.

  • An individual or a team does the design, and turns the project over to a development team to finish.
  • An individual or team performs all the design and development work.
  • Once the requirements are in place, the project is contracted out to a third party.


On the other hand, when a pre-built website is used to initiate a project, the project proceeds more smoothly, and it takes less time and incurs fewer expenses. Coding is not required, and the need to create a conceptual design can often be dispensed with.

  • Wireframing is unnecessary.
  • Website complexity is less of an issue, or not an issue at all.
  • Websites can be produced more rapidly, resulting in increased profit margins; even on projects with on a tight budget.

A few pre-built website examples:











Getting Started with a BeTheme Pre-made Website and Muffin Builder 3

If you are not yet convinced that this new approach will save you considerable time and effort, take a moment to discover how seamlessly website-building techniques come together when you install and edit a BeTheme pre-built website. As the video demonstrates, creating a multiple-page website in a matter of hours is a reasonable goal.

Pay a visit to BeTheme’s website, and look over the 155 pre-built websites. Since everything is editable, there is nothing to hold you back. Installing a pre-built website takes but a single click. Once you’ve done that, you can turn your attention to Muffin Builder 3. Muffin Builder 3 works in combination with Be’s other core features to build page after page, nearly as quickly as shown in the video. You provide the creativity and decision making, and let BeTheme and Muffin Builder 3 do the heavy lifting.

Your website will come together even faster if you select one of the 119 multi-page pre-built websites. There are a host of topics to choose from, and since 8 new pre-built website are added monthly, you will always be able to find a layout that fits in with your website’s theme.

Muffin Builder 3 features a new and improved user interface that practically leads you by the hand through the editing process. The Wraps feature enables you to create more advanced web websites that previously may have seemed out of reach.

Muffin Builder has always been a crowd favorite, but BeTheme supports the popular Visual Composer as well. You can use either page builder, or you can use both.

What BeTheme will Do for You


BeTheme can justifiably lay claim to be the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its 40 powerful core features are far more than you will find in any other theme. None come close to offering 155 pre-build websites. Over 22,000 copies of Be have been sold to date, so you can see why Be is the biggest, and why it is so popular with website builders.

  • Every one of Be’s core features has much to offer, but it’s the pre-built websites that are the potential game changers. They make a project proceed more smoothly and more quickly, from start to finish. Add Muffin Builder 3 and the Options Panel to the mix, and you will be able to maintain your initial momentum until the product is ready to deliver to your client.


  • Starting with a blank screen is never a problem, and coding is not required. Just select a page, layout, or base grid style, one of 20 customizable headers, and start adding and editing design elements.
  • Take advantage of Be’s shortcode generator and the 200+ shortcodes; they make page building easier than ever.
  • You never need to worry about your website looking the same than countless others. Every website you build can be unique.
  • You have an unlimited choice of colors to work with. You can assign a specific color to nearly every element. There are 12 skin colors to select from, and an unlimited number of custom backgrounds.
  • Your website can be ready for anything, Be has the tools needed to make it SEO, Retina, Responsive, RTL, WPML, and WooCommerce

The list of feature goes on; Be is optimized for speed, updates are automatic, the tools you need for blog and portfolio pages are at your fingertips, and you can fully expect to receive world-class support.

Customers have Their Say

Customers cite Be’s flexibility, customizability, and its many core features, including the large selection of pre-built websites, as sources of satisfaction. They appreciate the quality they see in Be, and the unmistakable quality of the products they deliver. Be’s users know they never have to worry about sending a substandard product to a client. They are a happy lot, and Be’s authors work extra hard to keep things that way.




Quality Support and Class A Customer Service

Be’s powerful core features and the innovative pre-built websites would count for little if they were not adequately supported. User manuals, demos, tutorials, and demos ensure users have the information they need at their fingertips. Reliable customer service is of even greater importance, and Be’s customer support team is never more than a click away. Whether you have a question or a problem, you will get a prompt response and the solution you are looking for – every time.




The pre-built website is the innovative, affordable, and straightforward solution to producing the high-quality products that website designers and developers expect. Now it is possible to deliver an upmarket website to a client without having to worry about coding, wireframing, or sketching out one conceptual design idea after another. That is what is causing quite a stir.

Watch the video if you haven’t already done so; or watch it again. Visit the BeTheme website and walk your way through the 150+ pre-built websites. Give a demo a try. You will like what you see.


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